Zelafel – Spriggan Defender


A tree spirit given form by the twin siblings Gwynevel and Melwyn, him sharing the grace and love of nature of Gwynevel and the strength and wrath of Melwyn. More than just a mindless puppet, Zelafel indeed holds his own soul, though seemingly non verbal to most, his voice can be heard by those who speak druidic. Holding little contempt for humans, his body and spirit and phase between Fey and Tharador at will, and wherever his creators need him he treads, leading the forces of the fey against their enemies.

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The full story

Zelafel – Spriggan Defender

Born by necessity at the arrival of the first men within the domain of the twin spirits Gwynevel and Melwyn. The twins, threatened by the rapid expansion of men, saw it necessary to create their own forces to counter the threat of men. Though Zelafel was a valiant defender, he was no match on his own for the hordes of men that cut through the forest like wildfire. Thousands of men he had slain throughout his centuries of life, though felt no better than were he trying to fight the tide of the sea with but a matchstick.

Humans for him thus became a constant mockery to his existence and purpose. Great contempt did he hold for any he would encounter,and only the mercy of Gwynevel would stay his hand in moments where the only emotion he would feel was unbridled rage, burning within him from the influences of Melywn over his spirit. Materialising between Fey and Tharador, Zelafel could choose the realm of his existence at will, often preferring the calmness of the Fey in times where his temper would rise and Gwynevel stood him down from a slaughter he would much prefer.

Now with the corruption of The Fey world seeping from Tharador, Zelafel sides with Melwyn in severing Fey and Tharador, blaming men for the corruption and aiming to slay any that might stand in the way of their goal.

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