Volitra – Fey Touched Hydra


One of the greatest and most deadly beasts of Tharador too exists in counterparts in the Fey. Volitra is one of a few Fey Touched Hydra, powerful descendants of the first Dragons. Volitra and the others each have the ability to phase shift between Fey and Tharador, but mostly choose the comforts of the Fey. However Volitra is under the dominion of Torgothrin, who has asked for its loyalty in driving humans from their land.

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The full story

Volitra – Fey Touched Hydra

Many of Tharador’s greatest creatures were dreamt of by Renmaeth when she turned to endless sleep. Hydra’s were among them, and those that were recreated in her dreamstate had enormous power and presence in the Fey and even in the woodlands of Tharador. They like many of the strongest creatures of the Fey were gifted with the power to phase from Thardaor to the Fey at will. Though most refused to enter Tharador unless absolutely necessary, for the waters and the airs of Renmaeth’s Dream were purer than those in Tharador.

Volitra is one of the elder Hydra, calling the River Syndi Duin within the Fringe its home. Though it has never bowed to any master of Gwynevel or Melwyn, it found itself lulled and charmed by the promises of Torgothrin. Thus it joined his side, so that the rivers and woods of its homeland may be cleansed and no threat would come to it from the Men of Baldur.

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