Viktor Trine – The Silent Ranger


Native to Greypeak’s more northern regions. Viktor earned a name for himself as a legendary ranger in the Watchers, a master of Oldavor’s frozen wastes. The same reputation had him hired by Greypeak’s Royal Court in search for a missing squad that held the crown prince. Viktor was able to locate them, held captive by a group of Colossals. Without notice he freed the prince and his men, returning them to Vanlund. The deed saw Viktor knighted, and given a place within the Royal Court of Greypeak.

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The full story

Viktor Trine – The Silent Ranger

Raised in Vulfkopt, Viktor as a child was both a padfoot urchin inside the city, and the apprentice of his hunter father outside. He learnt mastery of stealth, staying out of sight and seizing the moment both in and out of cities. Many of the skills he learnt as a hunter were also indispensable as a padfoot, and the same could be said the other way too.

However all good things must come to an end, and when we had just under twenty-winters to him, he was caught by the guard during a break in. A trap had foiled him, given away his cover and left him hanging in wait for the guards to arrest him. When asked if he would prefer to lose his hand or lose two years of his life in the Watchers, he chose the latter. So to Kaltwache he was sent, the largest fort of Greypeak’s Watchers. He became a tracker there, and tracking in snow was always easier than tracking through mud and dirt, and Oldavor had plenty of it.

His reputation grew among the Rangers there. For the first time in his life he felt proud of his talents beyond just the personal joy he could reap from it. Others respected and admired him, and he abandoned much of his old ways of thinking. When the two years were over, he had gathered an intricate knowledge of Colossal Tribal culture, as well as the megafauna of Oldavor. He returned to Vulfkopt, and though feeling disgraced, his father allowed Viktor to work with him as a hunter once again. Though it didn’t last long, a few months after that winter a royal procession summoned Viktor.

He was brought to look for the Crown Prince Hagrin after he had disappeared while travelling from Vanlund to Vulfkopt. With Viktor’s reputation, the Royal Court hoped he could provide aid into the matter. Thus he did, finding the Prince and his men captive in a nook tucked beneath the shadows of Donmeir Peaks, and concealed by the trees of Vermist Forest. Viktor did not call for help or reinforcement, he knew that the Colossals would begin killing some of the prisoners for sport before long. So silently he crept into the camp, freeing each prisoner and escorting them back to the safety of Vanlund without the Colossals so much as noticing. For this he was given many medals, and made a Knight of Realm as his greatest honour.

The King, feeling indebted, brought Viktor into his court. He was kept as a bodyguard for Prince Hagrin, but also as a spymaster to uncover secrets of enemies, traitors and anyone else that might threaten the unity and safety of Greypeak.

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