Verina – Tree Whisperer


A young elven girl raised in the woods by trees and spirits of the forest alike. Gwynevel’s spiritual form acted as a mother to her when she held no one else. Now she guards Nan Thalias’ doorway to the Fey to honour and protect her mother’s physical form, ensuring that no wickedness may enter. Resilient, headstrong and cunning, she will often thwart poachers and their ilk who try to hunt within her woods, conjuring her golem-like companion “Lazlus” who protects her and fights for her.

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The full story

Verina – Tree Whisperer

Abandoned as a babe on the edge of Nan Thalias and Baldur’s borders, Verina never knew her parents. Her cold and shivering body was stumbled upon by the wandering spirit of Gwynevel, who saw her parents darting away from the forest’s edge beyond into the reaches of Baldur. In an aura of warmth she was surrounded by Gwynevel’s spirit, who brought the babe from the brink of death to the sprightly inquisitive soul she is today.

Verina was brought to the druidic circle within Nan Thalias, the Ten’gwaël that dwelt from Farlena’s Peak above Unviel to the forests of The Fringe at Baldur’s border. There she was raised, taught her attunement to Renmaeth’s creations and the creatures of the woods, eventually able to master the command of elemental conjuration herself. When she was still barely at the cusp of womanhood, she split her soul to give life to her companion Lazlus, who at the time was little more than a pile of pebbles and spindly twigs, now growing into an enormous elemental thrice the size of a man.

Though still young and brash, Verina holds a mind of wit and a heart filled with warmth and love. Even when her fellow druids and creatures of the forest may condemn a trespasser or poacher to death, she will object and do her best to see the life of an intruder spared, lest they break the sanctity of the forest and murder her own kin or creatures of Renmaeth. Then as the laws of the forest state, their life must be traded for that which they had taken.

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