Touches-The-Sky – Mammoth Rider


Enormous even by Goliath Standards, Touches-The-Sky is one who has had the fortune of travelling beyond Oldavor and returning. Aided by his enormous mammoth steed Skari, he is able to travel beyond the border mostly unopposed. Now he brings aid to his people in his home village of Pahadi, bringing foreign technologies and spells to aid in their survival. One day he hopes to bring them all beyond Oldavor, though knows that may result in too many deaths to bare.

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The full story

Touches-The-Sky – Mammoth Rider

Touches-The-Sky or Artosora as he is known in his own tongue, is one of the few Goliaths to travel between Oldavor and the rest of Tharador regularly. He owes this in part to his mammoth steed Skari, who is seen as too big a prey for Nix Centipedes and Shapeshifters alike. Touches-The-Sky is one of the few in his tribe capable of speaking the tongues of men, and often will trade with them, selling ancient Oldavori artifacts in exchange for exotic foods, clothes, weapons and materials.

Fearless in his travels, Touches-the-Sky is renowned amongst his people as a worldly warrior. One whose far travels have brought him to understandings beyond the norms purported by Goliath society. He is one that envisions all things openly, and though still sticking to Goliath traditions and customs will bring the experience and thoughts he has learnt from humans to solve complex problems, both physical and moral, earning him the reputation as a folk hero.

Many of those within Pahadi believe if all Goliaths had the humble spark of brilliance that Touches-The-Sky possessed then their race would be able to restore itself beyond scratching a living off ice-laden rocks.

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