Tiranite – Obsidian Demon


An elite spawn of Nosmarka, goddess of Chaos and Destruction. Tiranite was one of many Obsidian Demons that fought for Mindoriel against Tharador in the Sibling War. These demons were great fire breathers and used as artillery from the rear lines of the army. When Mindoriel was defeated, Tiranite and many of his kin fell dormant, and those that would discover them centuries later would think them to be ancient statues, ignorant to their darker nature. Now he has risen in the catacombs of Gehr Keep, unaware of his surroundings and situation save for what he has been told by a lone succubus.

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The full story

Tiranite – Obsidian Demon

Tiranite was a devastating warrior in Mindoriel’s army. Personally responsible for hundreds of deaths, the demon was a master at the art of fire breathing, able to clear hectares of forests in mere minutes, something that would devastate the elven armies and druids that sought the thicket for cover. In the war’s waning days Tiranite would often be on the offensive as it seemed Mindoriel came closer to delivering utter defeat to Tharador.

When Mindoriel was severed and defeated by Glanion and Minera, Tiranite and many of his kin fell immediately dormant. Tiranite lay within the forests of Formire in modern Belfrie, and wouldn’t be discovered until well into the third era. Sold in auction in Velandria, Tiranite along with Artyr were shipped to Strassen to fill Duke Strauss’ wishes of his intimidating keep. Sent to the catacombs, Tiranite was out of sight from public eye, save from priests, underkeepers and any others whose jobs found themselves in the catacombs.

At his revival, Tiranite incinerated one such Priest of Namneri who was unfortunate enough to be in front of the demon as his life force returned. Without knowledge of his purpose or surroundings, he wandered the catacombs lost for nearly a day before being found by a stone-skinned succubus, Vehryn. With his situation understood, Tiranite agreed to join Vehryn in her cause to eradicate the vampires of the town, though Tiranite cares little for the town’s wellbeing, hoping to eradicate any followers of Tharador or his Tharameni children.

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