The Moon Devil


A monster thought of by most as a tall children’s tale to stop the young from wandering into the woods at night, though any hunters or trackers in north Karkanoth know that the Moon Devil is as real as wake of bodies it leaves behind of any hunters foolish enough to poach in the forest on a night bathed in moonlight.

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The full story

The Moon Devil

The Moon Devil is a beast whose origin is shrouded in mystery. Many ancient tales of the Colossals that once inhabited Karkanoth give a mysterious owl-like monster that watched over hunters to ensure they took only their fair share in its woods. Other ruins in the area have legal documents regarding one Colossal who was sentenced to death for the murder of their hunting partner, using the defence that a giant owl had carried him off instead. The corpse of the hunting partner was never found.

The truth is the Moon Devil has indeed been a presence in Karkanoth’s regions since ancient times. Though as the woods grew thinned and teemed less with life, its presence waned. It appeared once any night lit by any moon, though now with the Endless Moon giving a full moon every night the creature is more active than ever, and is being blamed for a string of gruesome deaths that have recently occurred in the forest of hunters, travellers and even just foresters and herbalists.

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