The Last War Pt I: One Final Effort


The Last War Pt I: One Final Effort, sees the beginning of the escalation of the Liturium War which has burned in Tharador’s centre for four years. As the latest ceasefire comes to an end, both sides unleash everything they have left in one final effort to a swift victory. The party takes on the role of a squad in the Golden Griffins defending a Liturium Pylon that will be used to take down the the enormous Arcane Dome that surrounds the High Elven Triarchy of Leacianus, but the Elves are as desperate as the human Coalition and will do anything to win.

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The Final War Pt I: One Final Effort

The Liturium War has resumed in full conflict. The two-year ceasefire has ended and full blown conflict now ravages the border between Formen and the High Elven Kingdom of Leacianus. The Golden Griffins have been stationed on a mountainside near the border to intercept the Leacianan strike force. Many of their greatest warriors make up this regiment, though unknown to them is that equally powerful warriors await them on the other side of the Arcane Dome, ready to strike.

  • 89+ Page Full Length 5E Campaign Module (6-12+ sessions of playtime)
  • NEW Ranger Subclass – Arcane Conclave – Embrace the mystic fusion of martial prowess and arcane mastery, as you conjure arcane weaponry and weave potent spells, transforming the battlefield into a symphony of devastation and control, guided by your unwavering focus and precision.
  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of the kingdom of Formen
  • A fully fleshed out war encampment perched on the edge of the Spetsig Mountains – Camp Jornerogge is a fleshed out playground for any DM to spin tales and side quests related to the coming war.
  • 2x Multi Session Side Quests within Camp Jornerogge
  • 5x Original Battlemaps for you and your party to play in, including the fully fleshed out map of camp Jornerogge, an A1 size battle map that’s fully to scale for play!
  • 18x Original Statblocks for a level 3-5 campaign (including mob enemies and several tough boss fights)
  • 9x Original Magic Items that can be attained throughout the campaign or given as rewards for encounters