The Grand Hunt


The Grand Hunt is the second module in our latest campaign saga: The Untamed Wilds. It sees a continuation of the story from Rampage of the Elements, with the party tasked to assist the Dwarves and another WEHL squad in bringing monsters ravaging the Dwarven Land to heel. Though the WEHL feels something else is afoot with the sudden anger of so many powerful creatures in South-East Tharador.

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The Grand Hunt

Monsters have begun cropping up through the Dwarven Kingdom of Dornat Al Karit. Though they’ve always existed in this land and the vast barrens between the Western and Eastern mountains, they’ve never been so bold to venture near the towns and villages. Now they’re unleashing destruction on many dwarf-folk, and its up to elite hunters of the international WEHL and the local Dwarven hunters of the Ek Viriktar to stop the madness and find out the cause.

  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of the region of Dornat Al Karit, the Dwarven Kingdom
  • 2x Full size A2 printable maps of the cities of Sharprahk and Tenger
  • 1x Original short-mid length 5E module set across Dornat Al Karit as the party finds and eliminates the Monsters that plague the land
  • 12x Original Statblocks for CR6-9 characters to be used in the campaign