The Falling Moon (Pt I)


The Falling Moon (Pt I) will be the start of our Autumn campaign saga, also titled The Falling Moon. It will continue events from the end of our last campaign, A Swamp of Horrors, but is played entirely independently with a new party who is unaware of the events of that campaign. This group of new adventurers must instead investigate the monstrous killings in Havenmond, find the responsible culprits and bring them to justice to get that sweet, sweet bounty.

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The Falling Moon (Pt I)

A full moon has hung in the sky above Tharador for almost a week now. Stuck in place, it moves in neither night nor day, ominously looming and bringing light to the nights. Some say it’s an ill omen, a sign of the end times. Others revere it as a beacon in the night, a good favour of the gods. Though many creatures hunt and become crazed on the sight of a full moon, this has caused a huge slew of deaths to the town of Havenmond. The people have placed bounties far and wide for aid to come to them.

  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of the region of Karkanoth, a kingdom hidden behind an enormous mountain range
  • 1x Full size A2 printable maps of the city of Havenmond
  • 1x Original full length 5E campaign set around Havenmond and greater Karkanoth
  • 12x Original Statblocks for CR5-7 characters to be used in the campaign