The Darkwing Conspiracy


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The Darkwing Conspiracy takes place in the city and surrounding grasslands and hills of Sundestra, the capital of Draksborne. Here the party has been sent by the kingdom of Baldur to investigate a ledger found during a raid on a revolutionary compound, indicating funds were being sent by Draksborne’s own crown. The party will be embroiled in a game of secrets and politics as they uncover the source of the payments and the goals of Draksborne at large.



The Darkwing Conspiracy 5e Campaign

The fallen empire of Draksborne, now a shell of its former self plots for its glorious return. In the space of a decade at the turn of the Second Era, the empire fell after centuries of growth and expansion; three regions declaring independence simultaneously and allying against Draksborne. Now three hundred years later an ambitious ruler plots a return to glory, weaving wicked webs across Tharador to undermine the other kingdoms of men and see Draksborne annex them one by one.

  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of Draksborne
  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of the city of Sundestra.
  • 2x Encounter maps set within Sundestra and its surrounding land.
  • 1x Original short-length 5E module set in the fallen gothic empire of Draksborne Taking place after the previous campaign (Two Sides of One Coin) but can also be played independently. The party has been sent by the kingdom of Baldur to investigate dissenters and revolutionaries being paid by Draksborne’s treasury.