Tears of Creation – The Genesis Story of Minera [Digital Edition]


This 174 page book outlines the creation story of Minera, and her children that rule over the world. This book is the result of four years of work building the world of Minera and Tharador. It will give readers an insight into the deeper lore of Tharador at large, its ancient history as well as a glimpse of its First Era.

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Void was all that Minera once was…

Then through the will of her emotions, she gave herself shape: The Sea, Stars, the Moon and Sun all stemmed from moments of sorrow or joy to this young Divine. Five Children Minera created to join in her joys, yet in time great rifts formed between her two most beloved children. The First Daughter Mindoriel, sister to the younger Tharador, upon witnessing the creation of mortals by her brother became outraged. To make something doomed to die could be nothing else but an evil.

Tears of Creation is an account of the Age of Creation of Minera. This tale encompasses all events from Minera’s First Awakening to her Final Slumber and the beginning of Tharador’s First Era. It is the foundations of the world of Minera and the lore of the continent of Tharador upon which many tales of heroism and dread take place.

This is the story of the time before time, when the Divine clashed to decide who may inherit the new world as Minera slumbered and their own souls withered.