Tanagor – Sentinel of the Woods


A sprightly hybrid Dryad Centaur that has lived within the Fey Realm of Renmaeth’s Dream for centuries. Though usually occupied with the happenings in the west of the Fey’s equivalent of Nan Thalias and Belfrie, the recent surge in plane shifts have caused her to investigate the realm that once belonged to Melwyn, one of the first Fey Spirits before Renmaeth had even entered her great slumber.

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The full story

Tanagor – Sentinel of the Woods

The Dryads of Renmaeth’s Dream come in many shapes and sizes. Tanagor belongs to such a family of centaurs that volunteered themselves thousands of years ago to the service of Renmaeth, finding themselves in the Fey when the great deity passed to slumber. Thus they have remained there, their bodies becoming infused with the alien air and plants of the Fey, changed forever compared to the world they came from.

Tanagor is one of the Centaurian Sentinels that keeps watch over the lands of the Fey, her domain being the forests around Reinol Peaks, the mountain range that acts as the natural border between Nan Thalias and Belfrie in the physical world. There she has little to do in way of communing with other physical beings, save for other sentinels and Fey Spirits. The trees and spirits of the Fey have thus become her friends, and in a way her family. At time she may commune with powerful druids who hold Feywalking abilities, but this is seldom.

Though when she felt an evil and a rise of plane shifts in the East, Tanagor responded. Pain radiated from the eastern edge of the Fey and Tanagor was called by Gwynevel, the matron of her land, to investigate. Thus she now wanders in lands maimed and twisted, in search of the cause of the pain to this part of Renmaeth’s Dream.

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