Sword Dancer – Nahida


A deadly yet unassuming assassin that takes the role of a traditional Sudd Tohsti belly dancer. Often she will case out her victims in a tavern or inn, taking the guise of a paid dancer before brutally slitting her prey’s throat or poisoning their drink. Even in single combat she is incredibly proficient with her blades and can take down even the most disciplined swordsmen.

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The full story

Sword Dancer – Nahida

An exotic foreign beauty, the allure of Nahida lowers the guard of even the most stoic adventurers when their eyes fixate on her rhythmic dancing at first sight. Slowly her dance entangles them like a spider’s web and the widowmaker brings her prey closer and closer, lowering their guard in a hypnotic fashion until their minds are paralysed. Finally she strikes, and neither her prey nor those around her can make sense of what has happened until she has already vanished and her target lays still in a pool of blood.

Nahida originates from the city of Alnahr, from an ancient order of secret assassin’s known as the Shafrat Alraq, or Dancing Blades. Garbed in the traditional dancewear of any cultures of Tharador, Nahida acts as a chameleon able to mimic the dances and accents of women from Sudd Tohst to Greypeak. Though most at home she feels in Sudd Tohst, performing the dances she learnt as a child from her own mother before she learnt of her true nature as an international assassin, becoming tumbled into the web of assassins soon after herself.

Nahida knows little else in her life, though she takes extreme pleasure in the thrill of the hunt in her job, and often finds the most joy in playing with her prey for hours before she strikes. Ruthless in her job, she is quick to slay any that might get in her way, be they bystanders or do-gooders. In her worst situations she will employ a girly feminine charm or break-down to lower the guard of her opponents, before taking their own lives or slipping away.

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