Sun & Moon 5e Saga (Digital)


Saga 1 from our successful Kickstarter – Greywind’s Guide To Tharador

The Kingdom of Mayreth has been ravaged from years of raids, assaults and abductions by the Steampunk Vikings from Alimroth. With little magic of their own and no technology to match, they relied on mercenary mages to protect their towns. But with war engulfing central Tharador, many of these mercenaries have left to the front lines, leaving Mayreth exposed. Thus the humble beginnings of our party as they set off on a quest to drive the Alimrothi Raiders from Mayreth. Yet their success will only be fleeting and they must set out on a quest across Tharador to uncover ancient artifacts that could protect their homeland indefinitely.

  • 41 Paper Miniatures: Fully coloured tokens for the main NPCs and creatures of this 4 part saga. (Or purchase the STL files and 3D print our miniatures!)
  • 41 Statblocks: Enemies and allies alike each receive extensive and interesting statblocks to add flavour and fun into your fights.
  • 8 Battlemaps & 4 Region Maps: Fight across 8 beautiful battlemaps made from areas in the campaign and 4 region maps to aid in your journey.
  • 12 Magic Items: Through the campaign your party may loot some truly amazing magic items – a dagger to dispel magic, a watch to save your place in spacetime and return when needed are just some of the whimsical items you might procure!
  • 260 Pages 5e Campaign: A campaign saga split into four parts – four modules spanning level 3 to 11 will take your party across Tharador in search of ancient artifacts to aid in defending Mayreth from the Alimrothi menace.


Sun & Moon Modules

4 Part Saga from Level 3 to 11

Campaign 1: Raiders of Alimroth

Alimrothi Menance 5e Campaign Module

The Raiders of Alimroth – a technology fueled Nordic menace plagues the northeastern seas of Tharador, laying waste to any ships that cross the path of their airships above, or pillaging any village unfortunate enough for them to set their sights on. Please enjoy our third pack, with the steampunk vikings of Alimroth in their air-drakkar: The Ørnevinger. Battling against the raiders are the guerrilla fighters of the occupied Horselands of Mayreth, with a small squad of shield maidens to stand against the might of The Ørnevinger.

Campaign 2: Sands of Sudd Tohst

Sands of Sudd Tohst 5e Campaign Module

The Sands of Sudd Tohst – an ancient city of legend finds itself emerged within the shifting sands of the Great Desert. After a four-hundred year absence from Tharador, the men and elves of Hinatal find themselves caught in a desperate struggle on the back of their own recent civil unrest. They must unite to defend themselves against the tides of armies commanded by Sultan Hakim, lest they return to little more than ash and sand once more.

Campaign 3: Denizens of Duskweave

Undead Uprising 5e Campaign Module

The hidden and cursed Duskweave Isle once again falls to the forefront of Tharador’s politics. Colonized by a joint operation of elven and human kingdoms, the precious resources exported from the isle fueled the fires of the Liturium War between the human coalition of Formen & Belfrie against their old elven allies of Leacianus. Now the isle acts as a ceasefire and demilitarised zone for the kingdoms that split it – though in this new uneasy peace the evils of the cursed isle which had always lurked there now have a chance to re-emerge – with the forces of the undead marching against the living once more.

Campaign 4: Guardians of the Fey

Renmaeth's Dream 5e Campaign Module

Corruption from the mortal plane seeps through to the Fey World in centuries past. The dream realm of Renmaeth, divine of nature and Tharador’s body, The Fey World is a naturalistic mirror of the real world, inhabited by creatures of Renmaeth’s dream and imagination. Though recent events have seens corruption and evil spill through the few doorways that lead to the fey. Failure of the druids and men are blamed by the fey beings, who now seek vengeance against the men of Tharador and the druids that failed to protect the gateway.