Strings Unseen 5e Saga (Digital)


Saga 2 from our successful Kickstarter – Greywind’s Guide To Tharador

Assassination attempts on the nobles and wealthy of the kingdom of Baldur sees the party uncovering a greater conspiracy. Fingers point at the meddling of a foreign kingdom, and plans to instigate civil wars and conflict – all orchestrated by some greater malevolent presence. The party travels from the great Victorian-esque and militaristic land of Baldur to the icy wastes of Oldavor in a bid to uncover the source of these assassination orders, and find that things buried and forgotten had not forgotten what buried them. The party must bring an end to these malicious forces before they embroil the whole of Tharador in senseless war.

  • 44 Paper Miniatures: Fully coloured tokens for the main NPCs and creatures of this 4 part saga. (Or purchase the STL files and 3D print our miniatures!)
  • 44 Statblocks: Enemies and allies alike each receive extensive and interesting statblocks to add flavour and fun into your fights.
  • 8 Battlemaps & 4 Region Maps: Fight across 8 beautiful battlemaps made from areas in the campaign and 4 region maps to aid in your journey.
  • 12 Magic Items: Through the campaign your party may loot some truly amazing magic items – a Hex Hunter crossbolter with a drum fed magazine and a sword that heals its wielder as they draw blood are just some of the items for the party to loot!
  • 264 Pages 5e Campaign: A campaign saga split into four parts – four modules spanning level 5 to 13 will take your party across Tharador uncovering a great conspiracy that could spell a war consuming the entire continent if things go awry.


Strings Unseen Modules

4 Part Saga from Level 5 to 13

Campaign 1: Hunters and killers

Two Sides of One Coin 5e Campaign Module

Two factions for hire become entangled in a struggle against one another and for survival as a seemingly standard contract for each of them turns sour. Pitted against each other in a seemingly hopeless situation, the soldiers of the Golden Griffins and Hunters of the World Explorer’s & Hunter’s League (WEHL) must unite against each other for any hope to see the sunrise of the next day.

Campaign 2: A Fallen Empire

The Darkwing Conspiracy 5e Campaign Module

The fallen empire of Draksborne, now a shell of its former self plots for its glorious return. In the space of a decade at the turn of the Second Era, the empire fell after centuries of growth and expansion; three regions declaring independence simultaneously and allying against Draksborne. Now three hundred years later an ambitious ruler plots a return to glory, weaving wicked webs across Tharador to undermine the other kingdoms of men and see Draksborne annex them one by one.

Campaign 3: The Frozen Wastes of Oldavor

Shifting Snow 5e Campaign Module

Once the pride of the ancient Goliath Empire, now reduced to a wasteland constantly blanketed in snow.The Goliaths that still survive in the frozen wastes of Oldavor are few and far between. Food is a rarity and the small villages in caves and other subterranean areas don’t give much room for a society to grow. Though worse than the endless snow is the creatures that lurk within: enormous worms that sift beneath the white, shapeshifters capable of changing their form to anything they consume and worse still are clans of Psyflayers deep in the ruins of many fallen Oldavori cities, unleashing their own horrors to the surface below. Only the rangers of Letzte Uhr and other watchposts along Oldavor’s border can hope to keep the horrors at bay from the rest of Tharador.

Campaign 4: Brawn & Brains

Depths of Duoarastat 5e Campaign Module

Wretched experiments against men by Goliaths during the first age gave birth to the horrific psychic abominations known as Psyflayers across Tharador. Chalked up by most as a children’s tale and fantasy, there have been few that know the true existence of the abominable race, and fewer still that live to tell it. Now they sit deep in the depths of the ancient Goliath ruins of Duoarastat where they fester and multiply, their tendrils pouring over the minds of Tharador’s elite and driving events in motion from afar.