Seer – Kheye


Monks are rare to find in the Golden Griffins, but Kheye has cemented his place. Detached from the plane of reality, Kheye has dedicated his life to Namneri, the god of death and rebirth. Such that it is he sees death as a sacred right that all must go through. Kheye signed on with the Griffins so that he may be surrounded by death and seek to further understand it.

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The full story

Seer – Kheye

Humble origins befall Kheye, for he was no more than the hard-working first born of a Greypeak farmer. Born into a life of serfdom meant incessant physical labour: the cyclical and seasonal nature of peasant life allowed Kheye to empty his mind and ponder the nature of existence and suffering more deeply and establish a high level of control over his body and its functions. Through refined meditation and clarity, Kheye turned the toil of agricultural labour to sculpt his body into an instrument of iron, just as a plough he pulled.

His tale begins in his thirteenth summer with a visit with his father to the local market to sell the raw produce of their season’s labour. His ears had tuned to rumours of the local lord’s daughter being courted by a foreign sorcerer, and that the two were to hold a speech in the market square with the lord himself. When he saw this first hand within the market, Kheye realised that both the lord and his daughter were under a spell. Instinct seemed to take hold and Kheye leaped through the crowd, taking the sorcerer by surprise and pummeling him to the ground before any spell could be cast, and breaking the hold over the lord and his child. Whilst Kheye asked no reward for his deed, his lord took notice of his potential and arranged for monks of Namneri to take him into their ranks.

The monk’s relaxed and free philosophy helped channel and refine Kheye’s inner power, however along the way it reached a point where the lessons became more chafing than uplifting. Many years later, Kheye demonstrates such a penchant for self-mastery that he had (politely) realised that he had exhausted his immediate masters of learning, and future knowledge would have to be sought out, subjecting himself to new experiences and places as to give him opportunities to learn. He no longer limits or restricts his ways to worship of Namneri but is open to all secrets of Minera. In meditation, Kheye gained insights into his souls’ existence beyond its material form, floating disembodied and waiting for reincarnation. This knowledge has strengthened his desire for true detachment and for complete excision of his ego.

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