Rylena – Blade of Wisdom


Rylena, the fair maiden from Leacianus, was exiled for her forbidden love with her commanding officer of noble birth. Wandering Tharador with a shattered heart, she chanced upon the Golden Griffins and became embroiled in the Liturium War, ultimately finding her lover dying on the battlefield. Overwhelmed by grief and despair, she found new purpose during the ceasefire, dedicating herself to aiding widowed families and teaching them the skills necessary to survive and prosper.

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The full story

Rylena – Blade of Wisdom

In the realm of Tharador, the fair Rylena’s life was woven with the threads of sorrow. In the land of Leacianus, love was treated with disdain, and unions of the heart were mere transactions. For Rylena, the daughter of a Marshall, to fall in love with her noble commanding officer was an act of defiance, and she was cast out of her homeland, her heart in tatters. Wandering Tharador, she chanced upon the Golden Griffins and found herself in battle once more against her own people. It was on the battlefield that she beheld her lover, mortally wounded by her own comrades, and she wept in his final moments, her soul torn asunder.

In the respite from war, Rylena sought solace in the service of others. She found purpose in aiding the widowed families left behind by the ravages of battle, her heart finding solace in their resilience. She offered her martial expertise as a weapons trainer, empowering these families to stand firm in the face of adversity. In their strength, she found a flicker of hope, a reason to endure despite the weight of her grief.

Yet the spectre of her lost love still haunted her dreams, a reminder of the family that would never be. As the golden sun rose each day, she would find herself in the embrace of a melancholy that refused to release her from its cold grip. Rylena’s heart, once warmed by love and passion, now lay frozen within her breast, locked in an eternal winter.

The ceasefire ended, and the drums of war began to beat once more, echoing in the hollows of her soul. The tragic heroine, like a fallen angel, would take up arms again, seeking solace in the clash of steel and the roar of battle. Her identity as a Leacianan a distant memory, her heart cleaved in twain, Rylena found solace only in the familiarity of strife. She fought with the ferocity of one who has nothing left to lose, for the battlefield was now her sanctuary, the only place where her heart could find a moment’s peace.

Rylena, the fair and tragic maiden, would continue to stand in the midst of the storm, her spirit battered but unbroken, a testament to the resilience of love and the indomitable will of the heart.

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