Renmaeth’s Dreams


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Renmaeth’s Dreams is a less standard campaign, with focus on mystery and exploration with the uncovering of Tharadori lore and providing a solution to the ailments of the fey. It is beyond the simple “kill the BBEG”. It is a campaign that can fit into or be adapted to most other 5E campaigns as it takes place mostly within the Fey. It can also continue on from our previous campaign “Denizens of Duskweave” as the two become closely related, as will be revealed.



Renmaeth’s Dreams 5e Campaign

Corruption from the mortal plane seeps through to the Fey World in centuries past. The dream realm of Renmaeth, divine of nature and Tharador’s body, The Fey World is a naturalistic mirror of the real world, inhabited by creatures of Renmaeth’s dream and imagination. Though recent events have seens corruption and evil spill through the few doorways that lead to the fey. Failure of the druids and men are blamed by the fey beings, who now seek vengeance against the men of Tharador and the druids that failed to protect the gateway.

  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of Nan Thalias
  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of the city of Unviel
  • 1x Original short-length 5E module set within Nan Thalias its Fey Counterpart as players try to calm the tide of angered spirits that have stormed into the physical world.