Rend Mathias – The Madbeard


A Captain of the Ek Viriktar, this Hill Dwarf is one of the most traveled dwarves in Tharador. With such travels comes many stories, both great and grim. Once a simple guard for merchants and caravans, Rend was appointed a member of the Ek Viriktar after he was able to aid in the slaying of the Lich Kelathar who had risen from the dead to take hold of Duskweave Isle. The experience left him mad, and he made an oath to spend the rest of his days destroying creatures like that so they might never threaten Tharador again.

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The full story

Rend Mathias – The Madbeard

Hailing from the bustling Dwarven border city of Aschum Astim in Dornat Al Karit, Mathias has seen many lands in his short life, having visited all nineteen countries and regions of Tharador’s mainland in his years as a freelance hammer for hire.

His blacksmith father had hoped Rend would follow in his footsteps, though the only aspect that Rend enjoyed of his family trade was smashing hammers with all his might against the heated blades. On an evening where he was closing his father’s shop, he was accosted by a group of elven travellers who attempted to rip the day’s earnings away from Rend after his father had left. Though still only young and never having been in combat before, the dwarf was enraged at the honourless actions of the foreigners. Four against one, he fought them with only his blacksmith’s hammer and the still scorching and glowing blade of his evening’s work.

With all three killed and the last left begging for their life, Rend was left feeling proud of the work he had done in defending his father’s livelihood. Though in the city of Aschum Astim, travellers and foreigners were well respected for the trade they brought – and for news to reach of three having been murdered would spell ill news, whatever the circumstance. Thus the fourth survivor was taken by the local magistrates, never seen again and Rend was exiled from his home after his expression of pleasure and satisfaction at the death’s of the thieves.

Thus he travelled across Tharador for half a century, a guard to many merchants in the most dire and inhospitable lands of the continent. It was on one such simple job in Duskweave Isle that Rend was stuck, joining a group of other survivors to bring down the Lich that had risen once more, cursing the isle and enslaving the populace with chains of undeath. Rend barely survived the ordeal, baring physical and emotional scars, though when word reached Dornat Al Karit of his deeds he was hailed a hero, his past crimes exonerated.

He was brought home, and offered a ranking position within the Ek Viriktar, The Slayers. An organization of Dwarves dedicated to purging their homeland of unnatural creatures, be they undead, monstrosities, demons or worse. Rend quickly proved himself in the single year he was in the organization, having slain many beasts in only a short time.

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