Ranacio of Havenmond


A Satyr who left Renmaeth’s Dream to accompany and protect the forest spirit of Karkanoth which he became attuned to as a youngster. Satyr are rarely seen throughout Tharador, though Ranacio is well-liked despite his at times awkward interactions with the locals of Karkanoth. Some mistrust him from his association with the monstrous Moon Devil, but he assures them all that the Moon Devil works in their best interests.

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The full story

Ranacio of Havenmond

Ranacio was raised in the depths of the Fae, Renmaeth’s Dream. There he became attuned to the wilds as an expert tracker and hunter and had expert knowledge of all Renmaeth’s creations. From a clan of secluded Satyr even by Fae standards, Ranacio is not used to the company of others. However it became his charge that he would leave the Fae and step upon the world of mortals to accompany the spirit known as Weldranyl, or Moon Devil as it was known by the locals of the land it dwelled near.

Ranacio’s port of call was Havenmond, finding himself exiting through the Pillar of Brel Alda in Draksborne and taking a boat as passage to the city from there. He adopted the moniker of Ranacio, the name of a horse he met at the stables in the city of Findros which gave him directions to the dock of the city. Though he garnered many piercing and wary glares, he found passage and paid for it with silver and gold given to him by the druids of Brel Alda

He stayed in Havenmond only long enough to learn of the Moon Devil’s location from the locals, and to learn to mimic their accent in a bid to fit in with locals of the nearby villages, claiming to be from Havenmond his whole life. Along his incredulous accent, Ranacio often failed to grasp the social cues and interactions of mortals and men throughout Karkanoth. The obtuse and front-facing nature of northerners was a far cry from the calm joviality of Fae Elves and other creatures from his home.

Still he has kept his promise as an acting servant of the Moon Devil, communing with the creature each and every night when it awakes under the light of the moon, telling it of where the poachers in the forest may be prowling, though often he will try warn and dissuade hunters from entering the forest in times of the beast’s hunt. He has saved many lives this way, though those who refuse his advice quickly wish they hadn’t when the terror of the Moon Devil is set upon him.

Ranacio has earned a reputation as an awkward but helpful fellow among the locals of Winderig and Vorkweg, though some hunters distrust him for his alignment with the Moon Devil.

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