Rampage of the Elements


Rampage of the Elements is the first module in our latest campaign saga: The Untamed Wilds. It begins the story of great beasts driven to madness in sudden bouts of rage. The party must travel across the lands of the Elemi, the Elemental Infused people of Tharador that inhabit its southeast. There they must subdue the raging beasts and halt any further bloodshed.

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Rampage of the Elements

Something has disturbed the balance of the Four Elements in Tharador. Great Elemental beasts – personifications of Maethromin awakened from his dream have sprung up from their own deep slumbers across the land, wreaking havoc upon the villages and towns of the Elemi settled around them. Their keepers must do their best to bring the dangerous creatures to heel, lest outsiders be called in to stop the madness.

  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of the region of Greater Abune, encompassing the nations of Abunos, Abunae and Abunor
  • 2x Full size A2 printable maps of the cities of Beke and Tenger
  • 1x Original short-mid length 5E module set across Greater Abune as the party attempts to subdue the rampaging Dreamed Beasts
  • 13x Original Statblocks for CR3-6 characters to be used in the campaign