Raider Pilot – Bjorn Branndanser


Equipped with a propulsion pack on his back, Bjorn is one of the most fearsome members of The Ørnevinger’s crew, able to jump from the Airship from up to a kilometre above, and still safely land in the heat of combat, unleashing flame and fiery lead onto any enemies unlucky enough to be in his sights.

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The full story

Raider Pilot – Bjorn Branndanser

Bjorn’s whole life has been spent on the Airships. His father was a captain of one of the first retrofitted drakkars not too unlike The Ørnevinger itself. From it he had a hands on education for his early life, watching the crew of his father’s ships seamlessly work to keep it in the air. In the engine rooms he would spend many hours watching the engineers work, so too did he watch the drop pods, thinking them clunky and cumbersome.

Two observations from his childhood led him to develop the Personalised Engine (PE) system, adapting technology of the existing Alimrothi Powersuits and merging it with a miniaturised airship engine capable of providing enough thrust in one burst to propel a fully grown man up to one-hundred and twenty feet in six seconds and slow a terminal velocity fall to be completely harmless.

Now PEs are common among most Airships, with genuinely one or two PE suits on board. Bjorn wears his own self-made model, and seems to be the only thing he bares real emotional attachment to. Comrades come and go, in the circle of enlistment, redeployment, death or retirement. Yet his PE suit has always been one aspect of stability since its creation. So when an enemy damages it, Bjorn ensure that they wish they had been killed before they could have.

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