Quorenderi – Lord of the Depths


The second of Mindoriel’s Spawn. Quorenderi was not always like he was. Eldrinderi was once his name and his form was much fairer. But he was slain when his mother was defeated, dying alongside her. His body was recovered by his brother Myrothlir, Harbinger of Undeath. He was stitched together with his own eldritch creations and given a new life, though held by his brother’s puppet strings. Quorenderi was his new name as he rose, and his nature had changed to be even more malicious than ever. Now his sites are set on the final destruction of Tharador, vengeance for his mother and his lost fair form.

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The full story

Quorenderi – Lord of the Depths

Second born of Mindoriel’s Spawn, Quorenderi was created originally as Eldrinderi. His form was fairer then, though his intentions and purpose were still malignant. One of the first things he did upon his creation was cast a wave as tall as mountains against the shore of Tharador. Mindoriel had spotted the first Elves using vessels upon the waves, which she saw as an affront to her mother Minera’s grief which spawned the seas. So this same grief was turned to wrath, and washed over the Elves, killing tens of thousands and flooding the land. In response, Tharador created the counterpart to Eldrinderi – Inderimaeth, who became the guardian of the waves near Tharador alongside her Leviathan creations, the Vosinderi.

These creations proved to make it difficult for Eldrinderi to have much greater of an impact as war erupted between the two siblings. Eventually when his mother was defeated, Eldrinderi fell alongside her, brutally maimed and destroyed. However his brother Myrothlir, Harbinger of Undeath, was able to resurrect Eldrinderi, but in a grotesque and horrific state. Cobbled together from body parts of his own creations, Eldrinderi was now a monstrosity and held by his brother’s own motives for he was now eldritch and pulled by the strings his brother sewed within him.

This has caused Quorenderi to make numerous but futile attempts in his invasions against Tharador to avenge has mother and exact vengeance for his own putrid form. One such attempt was in the First Era, but mortals did not even know for the armies of Quorenderi were defeated at sea by Inderimaeth and her Leviathans. Only days later when the corpses of his creations washed ashore did any even have an inkling of what occurred, and most historians theorised it as some mass migration of sea creatures gone wrong by wizardry meddling.

Still, his latest attempts in the Third Era proved more successful, for he was able to destroy one of the two Garnet Seals which kept him and his kin from apparating on Tharador. The other was near in his sights and he was less subtle in its acquisition as he launched armies against the Elven city of Elen Estel to capture and destroy it, but he was ultimately defeated, even if he completely destroyed the city in the process. Now he gathers forces for his reconquest, though his strength is far from where he would like it, he is preparing for that day and setting his pieces in motion.

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