Northern Direwolves


Direwolves are exceptionally common in Tharador’s colder northern climates. From Karkanoth northwards they roam in large packs. Even the most prepared party can meet an unfortunate end if ambushed by these man-sized canines.Though they ill-like fire, being perhaps a traveler’s only defense in a moment where they find themselves surrounded.

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The full story

Northern Direwolves

The northern cousin of the standard Central Timberwolf, Northern Direwolves are exceptionally social creatures, even for Wolves. Despite their large and intimidating size these wolves exist in packs of up to two dozen wolves, a facet of large litter sizes and intermingling between packs. Though one would think this large pack size would be counter-intuitive for animals that already expend more energy and require more to eat, it is in fact the opposite for the social nature sees the wolves hunting in smaller sub-groups of hunting parties, who then all bring back their own kills for the day to a resting place in a grove, cave or other sheltered place the wolves will use as a home.

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