Nerevin – Undead Dragon


A Drake long dead under the ice from the ancient battles of the First Era. Nerevin now has been lifted from his icy tomb to bring suffering and death to the race of Men once again. Even though he is undead, the Lich Thirazar who raised him let the Drake retain much of his own will, Nerevin’s soul was unresting and wandering for thousands of years, and in that time the Drake had stewed in his hatred of Men.

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The full story

Nerevin – Undead Dragon

In ancient times the Colossals formed alliances with the few Drakes and Dragons who served the Divine Horauthin and saw Men as much of a blight on Tharador as they. These Draconic allies were the greatest aid to the Colossals during the war, though even Men found their weaknesses, both in mind and physical. During the final days of the campaign Nerevin was slain by a formidable group of Elite Human Warriors boasting psionic powers.

For the atrocities Nerevin committed in his life, Namneri refused to uptake the Drake’s soul into his chalice. Thus his soul was doomed to wander the confines of Mammoth Isle for eternity, That was until Thirazar, a human necromancer and Lich arrived at the isle with the intent of harvesting the swells of necrotic energy that emanated from the forgotten ruins of the island.

Nerevin watched intently in his ghostly form as the necromancer did his work, fearing that his corpse and soul might come under the sorcerer’s bidding. When Thirazar met his fateful end while dabbling with magics, Nerevin felt a sense of sadness as he began to believe that the necromancer turned Lich might be his one hope at leaving the isle. Though after hundreds of years passed and the Lich was reawoken, Nerevin took his place by the Lich’s side when his corpse was raised from its icy grave and he vowed his vengeance against the race of men, even if it meant working alongside the Lich for a time.

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