Mrina Reloth – Moon Paladin

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Coming from a long lineage of Moon Acolytes, Mrina followed in the footsteps of her forebears. She always had fervent love for the priestesses of her order, and her mother nurtured Mrina’s strengths and bravery, raising her to become a righteous Paladin of Glanbeli. Mrina always held her highest love for High Priestess Kadna though, and was thrilled when she learned she was to become the Priestess’ personal bodyguard. Though the sanctity of her role has now been marred by two commoners now in the employ of Kadna as her scouts, though they too claim themselves as the bodyguards of the High Priestess.

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The full story

Mrina Reloth – Moon Paladin

Often in Drow Society when a family adopts a role that role will continue for centuries or millennia solely within their house. The Reloths are a well known house devoted to the Moon Acolytes, and Mrina is no different. From a young age she was infatuated with the beautiful priestesses of the temple and the illustrious and skilled sword dancers and paladins also caught her eye. She wanted to be just like them, and her mother proudly grew Mrina into what she dreamed of becoming.

So Mrina, when she was young became an esquire to a Paladin of Glanbeli and personally fought in many battles against trespassers to ancient ruin sites on the surface. When the Paladin she was squire to was slain in one such battle, Mrina took up his sword and drew his blood from it, then after a hardy fight planted it into the heart of her foe, invoking the power of Glanbeli as a moonbeam was called down on her foe, rendering him to ash. For this feat, High Priestess Kadna who witnessed it personally declared Mrina Aktha Glanbeli, a Blade of the Moon, recognised by foreigners as a Paladin of the order.

This began the fervent devotion and love that Mrina held towards Kadna, and after she constantly strove to gain the favour and love of Kadna. This came in the form of Kadna appointing Mrina as her personal bodyguard, seeing the devotion of the young Aktha Kadna was confident that the girl would gladly lay her life down for her if it were required. Thus for many years Mrina stood at Kadna’s side and deftly drove any foe to the dirt that would try harm her priestess. Though one day Mrina stumbled upon a pair of twin Drow, skinning the hide of a Gwid they had just hunted. Mrina wished to slay them for their poaching in hallowed grounds, but Kadna saw the two as an asset and joined them with her to gain newfound knowledge and additional protection against the dangers of the Overworld.

Mrina is not fond of such a notion, having to share Kadna with others, though silently she holds her tongue on such matters and continues to serve her priestess as she always has.

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