Divine Awakening


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Mindoriel’s Awakening is combat and roleplay intensive, bringing the party face to face with the divine of the world. They are asked to act as champions and heralds in the ensuing divine war. A war that will act much larger than themselves, but they will each play a key part in. The campaign will see them trudge through the frozen depths of Mindoriel, fighting all manner of fiends and devils in honour of their divine. Or perhaps they aim to turn on them completely, seeking to put an end to the cycle of life and death that Mindoriel sees as such an evil.



Mindoriel’s Awakening 5e Campaign

Whispers of the awakening of the dark goddess Mindoriel have been heard in Tharador. An evil bent on the destruction of mortals that has slumbered in a frozen rest now thaws and her sights are set on the mortals of Tharador once again. The divine of Tharador nervously stir and seek aid in mortal champions – heralds to aid them in the divine war that is to come.

  • 1x Full size A2 printable map of the continent of Tharador
  • 3x Full size A2 printable map of the cities of Unviel, Grimgate and Hinatal
  • 1x Original short-length 5E module set across Tharador that sees the party traveling to multiple places to protect against the intrusions of Mindoriel’s spawn as they try bring about the thawing of their mother and the end of the ages of mortals.
  • 12x Original Statblocks for CR20-30 boss-level characters to be used in the campaign
  • 1x Full Length Novel detailing the creation story of Minera and Tharador, explaining the history of the world and the ancient feuds of the gods.