Lucian Grey (Wolf Form)


The exiled Count of Havenmond, forced to flee from his comfortable keep decades prior after he voluntarily took on his wife’s curse of lycanthropy, rather than choosing to burn her as the town so desired. Now the two live a life far from the comforts of nobility, though the stresses of that life are now a distant memory too.

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The full story

Lucian Grey (Wolf Form)

Any that remembered the years of Count Lucian in Havenmond remember them fondly. Though they were decades ago, the count was well loved and threw many festivals for his people, revelled in feasts and public affairs and brought about much change to Havenmond. Schools were named in his honour, ships given titles after his children. Roads that were once dirt and mud became cobblestone, abandoned and dilapidated buildings became hospitals, orphanages and shelters. Though it all changed one spring.

His wife, Countess Ariana had travelled south with their daughter and a retinue of guards and bannermen to visit family in the citadel of Vunderwahl. Though barely two weeks after they left, the two returned, injured and under a wrathful fever. Their group had been attacked, and only the countess and her daughter had survived, brought in by pilgrims of Erdrydion who had found them the day after the attack and kept them stable after healing their wounds.

The two stayed bedridden for two more weeks, their fever finally seeming to simmer down. Though after this time tragedy struck, guards heard a scream and a shattering of glass, entering the chamber that housed the ill mother and daughter, only to find their healer eviscerated, guts strewn across the floor and the skylight above shattered, bloody and enormous paw prints leading up the stone wall. The countess and her daughter nowhere to be seen. Alarms were rang through the keep and Lucian along with his three sons and dozens of guards spent the night scouring for the pair. Guards were pulled from their night duty on the street to search for the pair in the keep and its surroundings. When the sun rose a guard found the pair ragged and bloodied in an alleyway near the port. Mobs gathered to try bring the two to death, for the commoners claimed the two had become beasts that night and were responsible for over a dozen deaths in a single night.

The count’s attempt to allay fears and still the roaring tide was fruitless. The crowd wanted blood, they wanted Ariana and her spawn killed, suspecting the Count to be a monster as well. Thus with no other choice Lucian decided to abdicate his position then and there, giving all power to his younger brother who was a Captain in the Royal Karkanoth Navy He took his children, his wife and enough horses to carry them and left Havenmond, never to return. East he travelled, finding himself in the woods near Vorkweg. Here he halted, and together he and his sons felled trees with what tools they brought with them and over many weeks built a new home for themselves, many days from civilization. That was decades ago, since then he and his sons have undertaken the curse of lycanthropy from Ariana as well, and it has stilled their aging significantly. Most have forgotten Lucian’s time as Count, and for many it is a tale of the Werewolf Count that grows more ludicrous and over the top as time progresses.

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