Lazlus – Conjuration of Earth


The childhood companion, guardian and warrior dedicated to Verina, his creator. Originally no more than a pile of pebbles and twigs given life, throughout the years Lazlus has gathered further and further mass to his body, as the branch and vines that binded him grew longer and stronger. From pebbles to boulders he now stands enormous over most forest trespassers, his stony form nigh impervious to the attacks of men.

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The full story

Lazlus – Conjuration of Earth

Conjured from the spirit of Verina, a broken shard from her own soul. Lazlus is as much a life as any other child within Tharador. Born from driftwood and pebbles at a riverbed’s edge, Lazlus grew as so too did Verina’s mastery of the environment and the strength of his bonding vines and branches grew. The stronger vines saw larger rocks and boulders brought into his mass. As his mass grew so too did his personality, forming from a timid child of little words to a mass three times the size of a man, with sage-like wisdom and a protective bond with Verina like no other, Lazlus’ role changed from her child to one closer to a big brother.

Mostly stoic, he is quick to speak up his mind in defense of Verina, his being mostly focused on Verina’s own safety than the safety of the forest’s or its inhabitants. Though too her cares about those, in his eyes Verina is a treasure more valuable than those of the forest, sometimes leading to conflict between the two if he deems her life to be in danger, evacuating her from the area, yet still fulfilling her wish of eradicating the intruders that threaten her and the forest.

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