Kiz Ai’er – The Lionheart


From the far continent of Zandorion, this Lionfolk Prince joined the Hex Hunters in hopes to learn ancient and arcane knowledge that he could use to defend his clan back home. Though he is far from a novice with a blade, his mastery of magic leaves much to be desired before he is ready to return to his people.

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The full story

Kiz Ai’er – The Lionheart

The monsters that roam the lands of Zandorion would make most commoners of Tharador weak at the knees. This inhospitable land makes life difficult for those like Kiz Ai’er’s tribe, forced to an existence at odds with the land around them as they constantly fight to preserve themselves against the megafauna of their continent.

Though the Lion Clans were told of the land of magic and mighty warriors by travellers and legends: Tharador, the land of the Wise. The Prince of the Zarathu Clan, Kiz Ai’Er took it upon himself to journey to such a land. A group travelled with him to the sea and worked to build him a ship worthy of sailing the great and vast open sea. For months Kiz Ai’Er sailed northwest, braving storms and gargantuan waves until he finally arrived in Tharador, off the coast of Greypeak. Thanks to a local Court Wizard who found him, Kiz Ai’er was able to quickly come to understand the local language, and when asked for training in magic the Wizard directed the Lionheart to the fortress of Zwilling Zwei for it was the sole place of magic learning in Tharador’s northwest. There he was told that he held little magical ability, but could be uplifted into the Hex Hunters if he chose to undergo the risky Crystal Augmentation process to raise his attunement to Minera’s Breath and be imbued with the sigils and runes of the Hex Hunters.

Kiz Ai’er accepted and took on the Crystal Augmentations, having Breath imbued crystals inserted into his skin granting him minor magical powers, as much as his body could handle. For the last six months he has studied as an apprentice under Tarick Wolfheart, though Kiz A’er already was skilled with a blade, he had much room to improve to match the master Hex Hunter, and to learn to properly use his newfound powers.

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