Karydian – High Elf Chaos Sorcerer


A sorcerer who saw his death in the Liturium War. His soul vanished into oblivion after, yet his latest memories after his death were being thrown into a Crucible of the Gods, alongside his kinsman, Netros. Both were sent forth by Brinilmin as interlopers into the Crucible, though the Tharameni have seen the mischievous work of their estranged brother as a welcome addition to their crucible.

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The full story

Karydian – High Elf Chaos Sorcerer

In Leacianus’ east is where the Prendael river meets the Katarn sea. Scattered along the banks of the river and upon the mouth are many villages and towns that make up the “Gifted Lands” of Leacianus. It’s not entirely known why, but those born in the east seem to have a greater aptitude with caster magic than elsewhere in the High Elven kingdom. Karydian was raised in one such town: Sylfaen, the sole seaside city of Leacianus.

Sylfaen was one of the only places in Leacianus that regularly saw foreigners – though they were mostly cordoned off to the trade and harbour districts of the city. Still, it was in his youth that Karydian saw what boorish brutes foreigners could be; even with the strict laws of decency in the city that foreigners were to abide by, they still had ways of embarrassing themselves and besmirching the good name of Leacianus. So in Karydian a hatred grew for Men, Dwarves and Wood Elves. He was able to funnel this hatred into magical power, spotted with a natural talent for casting, he was emitted to the Sylfaen Sorcerer’s College when he was still a child, and raised into a powerful Watcher in the city guard. He was renowned for his brutality in dealing with foreigners, though always being sure to never cross the line.

This fearsome reputation earned him a place as a Master Sorcerer in the Leacianan military once he earned his respective credentials. He volunteered himself into the Vanguard forces of the strike team that would assault the Spetsigs through the Arcane Dome. Much to his dismay he found his squad leader to be an empathetic simpleton who employed mercy as oft as she could both upon her subordinates, and the enemy. Often Karydian would contradict her, but the hierarchy of command always ruled in his squad leaders favour. Still, he hoped at some point he might gain a chance to rise as the squad leader himself, should Cyrindeth happen to perish in battle. Unfortunately it did not come to pass, and he was slain by a squad of Coalition troops as his unit stormed their position. A violet void engulfed him, and no afterlife awaited him, neither in the Tower of Verdens nor as a listless spirit. Yet he awoke a year later alongside his kinsman Netros, both thrown into a Crucible held by the Tharameni, pitted against foes from across Tharador. Brinilmin, the god of Chaos Magic, brought them there. The Tharameni promised them the same conditions as everyone else – should they prevail, they could return to the mortal realm. Though Karydian would dread to uncover the state of Leacianus almost a year after the war ended.

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