Kara’Ta – The Catfolk Corsair


Previously known as the Feline Fighter in his last life, Kara’Ta has redubbed himself the Catfolk Corsair in his new identity as a mercenary sailing over the seas of Tharador. Though he is far from his old life in silken beds with new maidens every night, he prefers not having the looming threat of his master executing him at any time, and the freedom to do as he pleases.

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The full story

Kara’Ta – The Catfolk Corsair

From the distant land of Zandoriel over a vast sea, Kara’Ta is one of the cat-folk of the southern jungles who was brought over in chains by human slavers of both Edrador and Tharador. He barely remembers the jungle or his old primal instincts. From a cub he was under the chains of a gladiator master, throwing Kara’Ta into cage fights and battle royales alike. He would always come out barely scratched, though his competitors often would not leave the arenas on their feet at all. Beyond the power of his claws and his ability to duck and weave under blows like he were spinning a tapestry, the feline-gladiator would also become an artist with all kinds of blades, painting masterworks upon his enemies with each stroke and slice.

Eventually the slave with no name other than “The Feline Fighter” earned his freedom after years of bloodshed in the fighting pits of Torish Istrath. When no other slavers would dare risk their fighters against the Kara’Ta his master had no choice but to set the cat-folk free. As this news was passed, Sultan Hakim was swift to sweep up the newly freed fighter, as his own royal guard had just been executed by himself for incompetence. In a test of mettle, he pit the gladiator against his newly hired court sorcerer: Inaya. The two duelled for near on thirty minutes in the Sultan’s own garden before he finally called an end in the stalemate, seeing that in both his bodyguards he had chosen wisely.

Kara’Ta was given a hefty salary and free reign of women and accommodation within Dahabi Palace, though had little time for any as always he was at the Sultan’s beck and call. He could not complain however – pit fights were replaced with sparring and a straw mattress was replaced with a feathered bed and silken sheets. Though still he felt no more a slave than he was when he was a gladiator, he knew to defy the Sultan’s wish for him as a bodyguard would mean his own certain death.

Thus when the opportunity arose as his master besieged the ancient city of Hinatal, Kara’Ta found his freedom. His story of the event changes each time he tells it: sometimes it is that he killed the Sultan himself when it was clear all was lost, others that he was mortally wounded but saved by a healer and the Sultan had been killed. Even still he claims that as the assault on the city commenced he simply slipped away unnoticed. Still, whatever the truth is, it lead him to Baldur and the city of Grimgate. There the beds were not as comfortable and the women seemed to have little interest in him save for morbid curiosity or fear, but the mercenaries noted his armaments and saw fit to recruit him. So he signed with the Salty Charter, a group that specialized in defending transport ships – an easy enough job for him that required minimal executions compared to his last. Still, boats made him feel uneasy and often brief memories flashed of his time as a cub sailing across the sea in chains.

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