Jeiku The Everlasting


This is a model that is very important to us. This is a memorial to my friend Jacob Ormerod, who passed away after his year long fight with Colon Cancer on August 26th 2021. Jake was only 29 when he passed, leaving a legacy of cherished memories to his family and friends. Even in his last days he held a positive spirit and sense of humour. He really loved the commission one of our friends had done of him in the style of one of his favourite anime characters. I feel the least I could do for him was bring this image of him to life for his family and friends, but also to raise awareness of Bowel Cancer.

Bowel Cancer is one of the leading cancers in the world, being the second most commonly occurring cancer in women and third most commonly occurring in men. Thought to be “an old person’s” cancer that doesn’t affect the young. 10% of Bowel Cancer diagnoses are people under 50. It isn’t something that people under 50 (who makes up a large majority of our audience) should ignore. If you notice something isn’t right, consult your doctor as soon as possible. The earlier it is detected, the earlier it can be managed.

We’ve partnered with Bowel Cancer Australia as an official Fundraiser Partner. Though this model of my friend is free for you to download, we would really appreciate any donations that you can give, all proceeds going to Bowel Cancer Australia to help towards research and awareness.

To read more about Bowel Cancer in young people, check out their #Never2Young Campaign

Otherwise, please enjoy this model and make sure you take notice of your body when things seem wrong.

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