Jarls Wrath – Ymir Tresarg


A common footsoldier of The Ørnevinger, though with eyes clouded by hatred and an endless want for rebellion. He bides his time for the perfect chance to find a life of relative normalcy, never knowing when that day may comes.

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The full story

Jarls Wrath – Ymir Tresarg

Unlike many other war-torn orphans ripped from their homes by Alimorthi raiders, Ymir remembers his childhood. The reconditioning camps had little effect on him; the memories of his parent’s charred corpses outside their farmstead has forever been etched in his mind. Often he wonders if truly he is the only one that still remembers his previous life, or if the other orphans are just like him and pretend to forget, fearing death may be the court’s sentence to their conspiracy.

So he does as the Alimrothi had raised him, acting as an expendable soldier on the front line to continue the perpetual cycle of child abduction. If any sense of humanity remained within him it lay deep beneath eyes clouded by hatred. Hatred of the Mayrethi crown for failing to protect its people, and hatred of the Alimrothi for forcing him to slaughter his kin, and pretend as though he was Alimrothi from birth. He still remembers his birth name of Aldwyn, and it is the name he calls himself in his prayers to Erdrydion and Horauthin, hoping for the strength to leave his unit, slaughtering the Alimrothi around him and instilling the fight within the Mayrethi himself.

Though he knows it is a far cry from possible, so instead he lets a fog sit before his mind, numb to the atrocities he commits against his kindred. Forever he will pray for the day the opportunity rises before him, though for now it seems forever beyond reach. So instead he toils and slaughters, waiting for his moment.

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