Invoker – Dorian


A gifted sorcerer haunted by other-worldly nightmares every night. Dorian left his homeland of Baldur where magic is nigh outlawed and set out to make a name for himself by joining a Mercenary company.

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The full story

Invoker – Dorian

If there was one person in his life that Dorian ever liked, it would only be his younger cousin Henry. Dorian harboured a secret wielding of magic ever since he was a child, Minera’s Breath as it was called in children’s tales of old. Though in the Kingdom of Baldur such magic was scorned and ill-looked against. Any magic-gifted children were forcefully removed from their parents and raised in magical trade colleges under duress not too different from the orc slaves of Baldur. Thus it stayed a secret that only his younger cousin Henry would know. When they had just reached the cusp of adulthood, the two left from Baldur, both so that they could further hone and develop their own magical talents – for Henry was an inventor and artificer.

In their search for adventure across the Grey Sea they arrived in the city of Velandria, desperate for work as paid adventuring was indeed more scarce than they had thought. So The Golden Griffins took their names and into the meat grinder they were thrown, the naive teenagers seeing action all across the continent of Tharador. Quickly did they find their resilience, for it was they find resilience or find death. Weathered by death and war, Dorian no longer feels like the young adventurer he was when he absconded from his home in Edimir City. His negative traits have doubled, and he is less trusting, filled with more malice and is more begrudging than he ever was, though his magical abilities have exponentially spiked in comparison. Because of this he was thrown to The Silent Faith, separating him from Henry.

Night terrors too haunt him, views of another life in another world ridden with disease, illness and death – the only comforting thought in the night terrors is a foreign mother whom he still holds affection for, unlike his mother of his current life. Though he knows not what to think of them, Dorian hopes in his time in The Griffins he may one day uncover one such that can explain or make sense of them, bringing closure to the only secret he has kept from Henry since childhood.

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