Ingeniør – Frida Lars


A jarl’s daughter that took more fascination with the inner workings of machines than blades. Forgoing the lessons of blade and shield that were uniform for noble children such as herself, she now is one of the more renowned engineers in the Alimrothi fleet.

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The full story

Ingeniør – Frida Lars

The third born daughter of the Lars Clan’s head, Fjeldir Lars; Frida was raised from an early age with two purposes: to spill the blood of Lars’ enemies by blade, and to be married off to another jarl or distant cousin when the time was right. Frida never seemed to take to either of these notions, and though courtly manners were something she could never avoid as a noble, she was able to at least forgo her martial training to a degree. For what kindled fires in Frida’s heart were the airships that flew in and out Brannfest, her mountainous home city, each day.

Often she would study their inner-workings, sneaking onboard as they docked in the evenings, talking to pilots and engineers about their craft. At her cusp of womanhood, she asked instead of doing her two years service in the army, to instead take the role as an engineer upon an airship of her choosing. Stubborn and fiery, though sweet and buttering up her father, Fjeldir felt he had no option but to grant his daughter’s wishes.

Thus she found herself as the junior engineer onboard The Ørnevinger, a newly fitted drakkar without a full crew yet assigned. She quickly learned the tools of the trade from the head engineer, whose life aboard the ship was cut short six months into operations after a ballista pierced the lower hull, killing him and several other crew members. Frida filled the position quickly, taking over maintenance and creation of all ship systems. She quickly developed an elevator system that allowed for easier transportation of fuel, cargo and power suits between above and below deck, as prior only a small hatch with stairs was used. Now she finds more and more effective ways to keep the ship wrinning, or bring death to any that would threaten the wellbeing of The Ørnevinger.

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