Inedra-Ki – The Wave Breaker


An ex-soldier and a deserter from her home nation of East Hydana in the far land of Zandorion. Inedra-Ki uses the training she received in the East Hydanian army to make herself a force of reckoning in battle. Even the strongest waves crash upon her armour as though she were a mountain in her steadfast stance. But in the sea itself is where she truly excels and woe to any foe of hers that might meet her there.

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The full story

Inedra-Ki – The Wave Breaker

Inedra-Ki was born and raised in East Hydana, a splinter of the once greater Hydana Nation located in the inhospitable continent of Zandorion. She lived a life filled with hardship and conflict, as most Zandorionites did, and her strong will and tough heart were a result of the conditions she lived in. She lost both her father and mother to the war that seemed to never end in East Hydana, where one family member had to represent the family in battle from eldest to youngest. When her mother passed, it was her turn to take her place in the war. She trained for many months, but her younger brother Aboro-Ko couldn’t bear to see her go. So, days before she was sent to the front he took her and the two fled to the shore, swimming east for days as their kin tried to catch up with them on turtleback and ship. But Aboro-Ko’s prayers to his ancestors, parents, and the goddess of creation Minera herself were answered and the waves carried them far away from their pursuers.

After a week of swimming, they finally collapsed on a sandy shore, where they were nursed back to health by the waves while they slept. When they awoke, they found themselves in the unknown land of Tharador, near the city of Volosvio. They were lucky to meet a Lionfolk named Ezeqial who spoke their language and offered them work at the World Explorer’s and Hunter’s League so they could familiarize themselves with their new surroundings and build a small fortune.

The siblings eventually parted ways with Ezeqial and joined a seafaring mercenary company called the Salty Charter. Despite their rough upbringing, their knowledge of the sea was unparalleled, making them valuable assets to the company. Inedra-Ki and Aboro-Ko were two survivors who had made a new life for themselves, far away from the conflict of their homeland.

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