Greywind’s Guide to Tharador Sourcebook (Digital)


Tharador’s Sourcebook from our successful Kickstarter – Greywind’s Guide To Tharador

Welcome to Tharador! This sourcebook, “Greywinds Guide to Tharador” is a comprehensive book for all newcomers to the world of Tharador. Explore its rich history, with everything you need to begin running your own campaigns in this diverse magical fantasy continent on the cusp of industrialisation! Learn the languages, races, kingdoms, cultures and history, then dive into their unique mechanics for use in D&D 5th Edition! The digital copy of this guide includes

  • 12 Subclasses: Fully fleshed out and playtested subclasses for each core 5e class. See how the fantastical lore and entities of Tharador grafts unique changes onto established classes everyone knows and loves.
  • New Class – The Psionic: Your mind is the sharpest weapon: capable of feats of otherworldly magic which bares no comparison on Minera. This class aims to bring about a unique psychic themed class to 5E which is quick to learn and oozing with flavour, plus three Subclasses to draw upon with potent power.
  • New Races – Colossals & Elemi: Start a new adventure as one of our new races: the war-like Colossals of Oldavor, and the elementally-infused people of the Elemi, with 7 unique total subraces between them!
  • New Human Subrace – The Awakened: Tap into memories of your previous lives, using several lifetimes of experience to draw upon, and with unlocked potential even your mind can alter the world around you.
  • Hand Drawn World & Continent Map: Plot your adventures across Minera and Tharador with two stunning maps of the world and continent, so the party has a tangible grasp of the world they play in.
  • 30 New Feats!: Bring some new flavour and perks to your character with our engaging feats, aiming to add extra utility to your skill checks, and greater differences in elemental damage types, plus much more!
  • 153 Pages 5e Sourcebook: Delve into Tharadors rich history and lore with a sourcebook that’s easy to digest and go back and reference. Everything is laid out for ease of use and logic, with deeper material lore, religion and history at the front, and all your fun 5E mechanics at the back!