Giga Gluglin – Fishfolk Abomination


Grunts of the armies of Quorenderi. The Angler Gluglin’s were once fishfolk that lived in the unmapped depths between lands. Quorenderi enslaved their people when he found them, torturing them, twisting them and breeding them to create a new race of hardy creatures that would do his and his officer’s bidding, and could take many blows from a sword before they fell.

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The full story

Giga Gluglin – Fishfolk Abomination

The Manara were once a race of sea dwelling humanoids that lived in uncharted seas between the continents. Some say they were the creation of Eldrinderi in earlier days when his heart was not wholly warped in evil: before he became Quorenderi. Though after Mindoriel’s defeat, during the First Era his sights turned to these peaceful fishfolk. They became ensnared in his schemes, and he pulled them into a false sense of trust, seeing him as their creator and a divine being.

Though it was true, his wishes for them were far from divine. The Manara were cast into the darkest chasms of the sea where all light faded. There they were tortured, prodded, forced into breeding and then stripped from their young and killed. Then the cycle would repeat and the young would be forced to kill each other in gladiatorial style arenas until only the fittest remained. Then they would breed, and be killed soon after again.

For generations this continued until the entire race was unrecognisable: a once fair and peaceful race were now twisted, bloodthirsty abominations. Lanterns sprouted from their heads to lure foes and prey, and they held little command over their minds. Their bodies had grown short, stocky and hardy – their faces faired even worse. But this was all Quorenderi wished for: a subservient race to be his fodder in the war against surface dwellers – able to withstand many blows on their scaly skin before they fell. Many intercontinental sailors are most fearful of these creatures, as often schools of them will swarm upon a ship and lay waste to its hull before the crew has even realised what has happened. Then as the ship sinks into the abyss, the Angler Gluglin’s sink their teeth into the crew.

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