Fjornath – Desecrated Forest Guardian


A Fey Guardian turned into a monstrosity through ill magick. Likely the work of a powerful Lich or something even worse. Only the most powerful of creatures could slay a beast like Fjornath, let alone bring it to life once more in a decaying and decrepit state to fulfill evil deeds.

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The full story

Fjornath – Desecrated Forest Guardian

Beings like Fjornath are found only in one place in Tharador: Mammoth Isle off the coast of Greypeak.There they are few, but known as herders and protectors of the isle’s wildlife and nature, fervently. It is mysterious as to how such a creature arrived in Karkanoth, and as twisted and mangled as it is. In truth it and its brethren have become changed beyond recognition in their time on the isle, for a powerful being dwells there that has bound them to his will.

Fjornath is responsible for dozens of killings in the forests of northern Karkanoth recently, and his killings are beginning to be blamed on many other beings in the forest, none having seen Fjornath yet whom only hunts under the cover of darkness. Though with the recent rise of the Endless Moon, its killings have grown more frequent, though locals again blame them on many other creatures associated with full moons being more active.

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