Firalyn – Fey Touched Owlbear


Creatures of Tharador often find counterparts of themselves within the Fey. Owlbears are no exception, and their Fey counterparts are every bit more deadly than their mundane cousins from the physical world. Firalyn especially is aggressive, driven with wrath by the whisperings of its master Torgothrin.

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The full story

Firalyn – Fey Touched Owlbear

When Renmaeth first began to Dream in her slumber, she recalled many of the creatures her and her sister Cedhelieth had devised together in Tharador. The Owlbear, like many other creatures, was dreamt by her – reimagined in a more perfect form as a beast that was at one with the plants from which it initially stemmed. Thus the Fey Touched Owlbears came to be, owing to an ancestry within the Fey Realm they became more plant-like with each generation.

Those within the realm of Melwyn followed suit in becoming twisted and gnarled at times as the wrathful Fey Spirit did. Some less so than others, but still had their hearts wrought with anger as well at the destruction of their homeland. In such anger Melwyn summoned many from the Fey to roam the edges of his woods, where they would quickly pounce on foresters and feast on them.

Those like Firalyn that became favoured as exceptional hunters were gifted by Melwyn with the Feywalking ability, able to move between the Fey and Physical world at will. Only a few possess this power among the Owlbears, but those that do are apex predators, able to apparate from opposing planes, unseen, before striking down their prey.

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