Filandira – The Bloodletter Buccaneer


An Elven rapscallion from the isles of the Katarn Sea. Filandira endured much hardship when her home was destroyed and her family was forced to flee to Baldur. Quickly she was taken advantage of and fell under the wing of a local street gang. When things went sour she fled, signing on to the Salty Charter and earning a reputation for being belligerent, difficult to work with but extremely adept at just about anything her job required.

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The full story

Filandira – The Bloodletter Buccaneer

Hailing originally from the isles of the Katarn Sea, Filandira’s home was destroyed when Alimrothi colonists set site on her home isle. Thus her and many of her people fled, some to Nan Thalias, others to Baldur. Those that chose Baldur chose wrong. The humans of Baldur were suspicious of the Sea Elves at their shores, and though refugee camps were set up for them on the outskirts of Nortros, they were treated poorly. Beaten, bruised, robbed of their last possessions and even worse. Filandira endured absolute misery in this time: for she is young in the years of Elves and such turmoil wilted her soul greatly.

The street gangs of Nortros had devious intentions for the refugees as well, and Filandira and her sister Elimindra were both taken under wing by one such gang known as the Mudrunners. The two nimble elves quickly built a reputation for themselves: they were the perfect candidates for jobs by the waterfront. This continued on fine until Elimindra was killed after the gang’s hideout was stormed by a group of mercenaries. Filandira had been out on a job and returned to the slaughter. So she took what money she could and left it within the tent of her family in the dead of night, and a note to what had happened. She couldn’t bare the guilt and fled south and west to Grimgate, Baldur’s capital.

There she signed on with a mercenary company that acted primarily as armed escorts for transport ships across the Grey Sea, the Salty Charter. There’s she worked now for just over a year, and though the thoughts of her sister and the family she left behind often drill into her mind, she quickly fills them with distractions: rum, gambling, guys or girls, even the occasional bar fight. Despite all that she proves herself an incredibly capable sailor and a handy person to have in a jam, thus her allies tolerate her shortcomings for how well she proves herself when the chips are down.

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