E’zeq’ial – Chosen of his Clan


A Lionfolk from far away lands in Zandorion. An unwilling host to powers beyond his comprehension, E’zeq’ial was forced into a life of danger when his family fell apart. He loved them with all he could, yet they did not return this feeling once E’zeq’ial was chosen over them by the mysterious force that protected their tribe. E’zeq’ial, now on Tharador after seeking refuge from the fury that are his siblings, seeks help to figure out what grand and mysterious powers lie within his heart. In the meantime, he’s going to do what he does best, with employment from the World Explorer’s and Hunters League.

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The full story

E’zeq’ial – Chosen of his Clan

Zandorion is a far away land, of which is mostly unexplored by Tharador’ian explorers. It’s here where E’zeq’ial is born of a tribe who migrates with the seasons passing. He is the middle child of five – and often the caretaker once his mother had passed during the birth of his youngest sibling. His father, the chieftain, the now weak and frail man, was well known amongst their lands for possessing the strength of the skies when he was at his strongest – a blessing given by a mysterious force from the peak of the mountain they migrate around.

E’zeq’ial spent most of his days taking care of his younger siblings, who were only children when E’zeq’ial had just reached maturity. After all, his older brother and sister were warriors who trained from sunrise to nightfall. Who was he to train more than the bare necessary to protect himself and his siblings? His proficiency in combat was high, but he never felt the need to step on the toes of his older siblings who worked so hard to succeed their father.

As per tradition, when the children of the chieftain were of age, they were to scale the mountain and become blessed by the forces at its peak; however, this process was pushed forward once scouts recognized a dangerous force on the horizon. E’zeq’ial’s father pushed for all of the siblings to climb the mountain – even the youngest. His father would not risk their rightful place being the chosen of these ancient lands, and made all of his children climb. Begrudgingly, E’zeq’ial carried his two younger siblings whilst being led by his two older for days before reaching the peak of their climb. They were instructed by their father to kneel once they reached the mountaintop, and allow the storm to choose the tribe’s next successor by striking them with lightning. If you survive, you will be chosen. E’zeq’ial watched in horror as his youngest siblings were struck down by the tempests, and seeing his his older siblings not even bat an eye. It was in this moment of destructive, implosive emotion, when he rushed to the side of his fallen siblings, was he chosen.

His older siblings were furious – after all they trained day and night. Once E’zeq’ial was conscious, they scolded him, and told him to jump off the mountain so that one of them could be chosen. E’zeq’ial, body reverberating with tempestuous energy, grabbed the bodies of his younger siblings, and fled the mountain. Once he believed to be safe, he buried their bodies, and vowed never to return to such a heartless family. His travels led him as far away as he could, to Tharador, where he was quickly picked up by WEHL recruiters for his size and apparent strength. Now, he spends time reading to find out what power resides within his heart and soul, and grieves in the only way he knows how to.

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