Erys – Vampiric Seductress


The paramour to Duke Strauss. Erys found her way into the Duke’s chambers on the edge of a bounty hunter’s sword who brought her before the Duke, wishing to claim the large price on her head. Though Erys pleaded to the Duke what uses she would have to him alive as opposed to dead. Succumbing to her, the Duke wiped the bounty hunter’s mind of the encounter, washed him in ale and dumped him outside a local gentleman’s establishment. Though Erys was not one to show such mercy, she began to learn the Duke’s ways and the two molded each other into their own ideals.

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The full story

Erys – Vampiric Seductress

Erys was born in the isolated town of Arkitis in Greypeak’s far north. The town held a well kept secret of practicing Goliath Bloodmancing among its elders. Erys, the daughter of one such elder had mastered it by the time she had just turned a woman. She used her powers for healing originally, though quickly learned to use it in the art of illusion and manipulation, something ill looked upon by the elders. After one too many occasions of her manipulation she was banished from Arkitis to wander Greypeak on her own.

In the midst of a blizzard, Erys found shelter in a seemingly abandoned log cabin a ways from the main road leading to Vulfokpt where she aimed to seek out healing or mercenary work. She awoke there with a sharp pain in her neck as a handsome stranger seemed to feed on her. Horrified, she knew exactly what was taking place. But her body refused to move to her will, her mouth could not even summon a scream. All she could do was watch wide eyed as her blood was drained from her and darkness took her. When she finally awoke what felt like weeks later she held an enormous hunger.

She tore open her sack of blood vials and ravenously drank each and every one. Erys never met the stranger that turned her, nor did she ever gain true understanding of her form and powers having to learn it as she went. The vampiric charms complimented her bloodmancery well and she decided against finding the honest work she intended, for now she had no need and no chance with her affliction. She instead used her powers over men and women across Greypeak, taking them to bed, feeding upon them gently and robbing them of any coin and possessions they had whilst they were paralyzed.

Eventually her reputation caught her, and a large sum was placed on her head after she angered the wrong vengeful merchant with coffers much larger than the purse she stole. A bounty hunter who deafened himself before the fight was able to successfully take her prisoner near Strassen, aiming to receive the full reward for her capture in Strassen. Erys could immediately see Duke Strauss’ true nature however, begging for her mercy and offering to serve him indefinitely.

The Duke agreed, mind wiping the bounty hunter that brought her and showing him mercy too, dousing him with alcohol and having his servants drop him within the Red Lantern District. Erys returned her favour to the Duke, acting as his paramour and advisor whilst plying her trade of manipulation in keeping the town loyal to the Duke and his dark nature a secret.

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