Erathul – Corrupted Leviathan


Vosinderi are rare to fall, these Leviathans are ancient creatures with scales like diamonds and teeth like pikes. Though in the event one is caught offguard or alone, they become susceptible to the influence and corruption of Quorenderi. There are few of these malevolent Leviathans in the seas around Tharador, and most sailors regard them as a myth. However, Erathul is living proof that they are very real.

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The full story

Erathul – Corrupted Leviathan

When the First Calamity struck Tharador and wiped out tens of thousands of the first Beremeni, Inderimaeth was created to guard the seas to ensure no such thing could happen again. Though her task was great, so to aid her she created the Vosinderi – Warriors of the Sea, known as Leviathans by the layfolk of human lands. These were said to be infallible, the strongest creatures upon Tharador that could sink a galleon with a single strike if they so wished.

Though they were pure of heart, and despite their fearsome appearances they never brought harm to any of the mortals of Tharador. They weren’t gentle giants however, for many times they brought death to Quorenderi and his spawn in their attempts to surface upon Tharador and breach past the waves guarded by Inderimaeth and her children. So when Erathul fell, the Vosinderi were distraught and heartbroken. None know if he was lulled by a pull of the mind or perhaps always had evil in his heart, still he found is way into Quorenderi’s embrace.

There he was changed, forsaking the nobility and elegance of his form for something more brutish in appearance – spines and horns grew from him and eldritch appendages too. He had little resemblance to his brethren now. He was kept far away from Tharador for Quorenderi knew the wrath that would be brought on him by his old kin. So it was only when the Dark God opened his portal at Quoretharm that Erathul once again found himself in the Grey Sea, though now he feasted upon those he was sworn to protect.

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