Elenil – Dryad of Passage


An ancient spirit the watches over the doorways between Fey and Tharador. She can travel at will to any of the passage ways, be they the Pillars of the Ten’gwaël scattered at each end of Tharador or the doors that dwell within the mountains of the land. Each person that somehow enters the Fey is detected and questioned by Elenil. Should they fail her questions, she will allow them grounds to leave, or an all or nothing deal by besting her at a game of riddles. Should an intruder win, they can proceed through the Fey, should they lose she kills them.

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The full story

Elenil – Dryad of Passage

When an adventurer first enters the Fey through whatever means, Elenil or one of her kin are the first creatures they are to encounter within the world. Beautiful and sprightly, they enchant their guests at first sight, barraging them with a range of questions that appear inquisitive and excitable, rather than interrogative or suspicious. Should the subject fail to answer the questions in a way that leaves Elenil with no doubt that they are harmless to The Fey World, she grants them passage to beyond in the grass seas, flower clouds and walking forests.

Should they fail, and cast a veil of suspicion over themselves, Elenil will give them a choice: to risk their lives in a game of riddles, or leave the Fey once and forever, upon threat of death should they ever return. Should the intruders best Elenil, as they rarely do, she will grant them the same access of those that pleased her with her questioning. Should they fail, Elenil ensures a painless death as noxious air fills their lungs, putting them to sleep before they slip into the everlasting slumber of the end.

Her and her kin were spirits created by the greater keepers of Renmaeth’s dreamscape, gatekeepers to prevent meddling from external influences. THeir stance to the corruption seeping through from Tharador is neutral, for though Elenil sees the corruption as an evil, her knowledge of Tharador is non-existent having never ventured into the world herself. All she can do is continue to fulfil her purpose, protecting the Fey from any that dare enter it uninvited.

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