Elder Etherian – The Patriarch


An elder vampire with unknown motives. A leader of the enormous mercenary company The Golden Griffins, his true nature there is unknown to most. Turned during the Age of Creation, before men walked upon Minera. A thrall and student of Almenhier, Etherian though an elder considers himself to be in constant service of Almenhier who to him acts as a wise fatherly figure. The two have been preachers of good in Thrasliche clans across Tharador, for only the Thrasliche have true free will. Now they aim to remind Duke Strauss of their creeds, having seen and heard his powers being used against their teachings.

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The full story

Elder Etherian – The Patriarch

One of the first thralls of Almenhier Thrasliche – the first vampire, Etherian has stood upon Minera longer than nearly any other, having lived through the first age and witnessed much of the first war between Tharador and Mindoriel. He has remembered all – clear in his mind as what lays before his eyes now.

Five thousand years of lessons and learning is the lens in which Etherian has viewed his time as part of the Thrasliche clan – the first order of vampires and the only ones with will of their own as was imparted to them by Tharador himself when he purged the grasp of Myrothlir, god of the undead, from their blood.

Etherian has thought of himself always to be blessed with Vampirism, rather than cursed. For though his life is prolonged he took it upon himself to only feed on those who had committed wicked deeds or were putting their lives on the line to try take his, a creed that he lived by and birthed within many other Thrashliche covens across Tharador. It was Etherian who took in Arthur Belfrie, after his co-founder and brother Jochen had cast him into exile under threat of death for being stricken with vampirism, Etherian mentored the lost rebel – turning him into a vampire of virtue that would eventually found his own coven on the Isle of Duskweave to bring haven to others inflicted with vampirism and pass Etherian’s teachings unto them.

Etherian has since ensured that any Thrasliche vampires he comes across are aware of the will they have, imparting his creed unto them to guide them right. Should they refuse, Etherian sees that their gift cannot be misused and will promptly end the lives of any dissenters from the creed.

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