Dyriani – Sirens of the Deep (Bust)


Fair is the form of the Dyriani to any sailor unfortunate enough to behold their beauty. For their face is quick to capture the hearts of any whose eyes fall upon it, but their souls are captured even quicker as they step senselessly from their ships into the cold abyss. Though there the Siren will find them and place them in a warm, comforting embrace, before they themselves tear out the heart of their victim. There they die in tranquillity, unless they are unfortunate enough to behold the true form of the Dyriani before their death – usually that is enough to kill them alone.

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The full story

Dyriani – Sirens of the Deep (Bust)

The Dyriani are a race of sirens that have long terrorized the seas, luring sailors to their deaths with their irresistible beauty. Their enchanting voices and alluring appearance draw unsuspecting victims towards their deadly grasp. But the Dyriani are not simply beautiful creatures; they are deadly predators that feed on the hearts of those they capture.

Sailors who are unlucky enough to come across the Dyriani are usually captivated by their beauty, only to find themselves in a warm embrace before the sirens tear out their hearts. For the Dyriani, this is a way of life, a means of survival in the unforgiving world of the oceans. However, there is a legend among sailors that if one is unfortunate enough to see the true form of a Dyriani before they die, they will never leave the ocean’s embrace alive.

Despite the danger they pose, the Dyriani are revered by many as beings of unmatched beauty and power. They are often depicted in art and folklore as mesmerizing creatures, both feared and admired for their ability to capture the hearts of those who come across them. To this day, sailors still fear the call of the Dyriani and warn others of the danger they pose on the open seas.

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