Drakkar Airship – The Ørnevinger


(LARGE SCALE – 300mm LENGTH) The menacing Airship of Alimroth. Its weapons, speed and flight make it a nigh impossible foe for the horse driven society of Mayreth to compete against and the Alimrothi raiders know this well.

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The full story

Drakkar Airship – The Ørnevinger

The remains of a drakkar of old repaired and retrofitted to produce a cheap, though light and fast airship intended for troop and cargo transport. Though still fitted with its own weapons in the event of combat, The Ørnevinger can hold its own with three harpoon turrets and a fire thrower below its hull. Where it truly shines however is its devastating Rapid Combat Deployment System. Two drop pods sit below deck, a pulley holding them in place and a latch beneath them. On release the tethered pods can drop up to five hundred metres below, unleashing two fully armoured raiders onto enemies. The pods then are retracted back to the ship above within a minute, having two more raiders ready to drop in less than two minutes.

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